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Recommended books
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61. Product photo Implementing Elliptic Curve Cryptography
Michael Rosing; Buy New: $32.61
62. Product photo Secrets of the Golden Dawn Cypher Manuscript
Carroll Poke Runyon; Buy New: $21.21
63. Product photo Codebreaker's Victory: How the Allied Cryptographers Won World War II
Hervie Haufler; Buy New: $10.46
64. Product photo User's Guide To Cryptography And Standards (Artech House Computer Security)
Alex W. Dent; Buy New: $89.00
65. Product photo Mathematical Recreations and Essays (Dover Books on Mathematical and Word Recreations)
W. W. Rouse Ball; Buy New: $10.17
66. Product photo The Venona Secrets: Exposing Soviet Espionage and America's Traitors
Herbert Romerstein; Buy New: $29.95
67. Product photo And I Was There : Breaking the Secrets - Pearl Harbor and Midway
Rear Admiral Edwin T. Layton;
68. Product photo Crypto: How the Code Rebels Beat the Government--Saving Privacy in the Digital Age
Steven Levy;
69. Product photo The Code Book for Young People
SIMON SINGH; Buy New: $8.95
70. Product photo Disappearing Cryptography, Second Edition - Information Hiding: Steganography and Watermarking
Peter Wayner; Buy New: $31.65