Password Saver The secure solution for storing all your passwords.

Easy and Fast Installation

The installation wizard makes installing Password Saver extremely fast and easy - you can download and install the software in minutes! Also, the installation is the same whether your copy of Password Saver is for personal or corporate use.

Tree-Like Menu

Database records are stored in a convenient tree-like menu and can be organized into user-defined folders. This menu is similar to the familiar Microsoft Windows interface, complete with a Recycle Bin for deleting and recovering records. However, the tree-like menu brings an added advantage - you can expand and focus on only the records of interest to you for any given situation.

The menu is also extremely flexible and highly customizable. You can create folders within existing folders, and there is virtually no limit to the number of records you can store within folders.

Tree-Like Menu

Toolbar and Hot Buttons

The toolbar puts the most commonly used Password Saver functions just one mouse click away!

Password Saver Toolbar

Simplified Data Entry

Entering and editing data in records couldn't be easier. Just click on the record, and all the data fields (such as User name, password, etc.) are displayed in the right pane of the Password Saver window. Enter new data or change the existing values and you're done!

Password Saver Interface

Hot Buttons

Hot buttons are also provided next to the fields to aid you. For example, for password fields, a button appears that brings you directly to the Password Generator, and for Web site URLs, a button appears that launches the URL in your browser.

The Copy to Clipboard button lets you copy your passwords to the clipboard even if they are hidden from view. This lets you quickly paste your passwords into your applications or Internet accounts without worrying that someone may see the password on your screen!

Key Features

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Password Saver